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What People Say

This is the first delivery method of Health Care that I have used that has reduced my chronic inflammation and pain. It has been 25 years plus since I have felt this good. Thank you Dr. Joe!! -James C.

I have been in pain management since 2001 and I've been getting acupuncture for the same amount of time. There's good pain management and there's bad pain management, I had a good pain management for 18 years and then they retired. ​ I had to get a new pain management and unfortunately I got a bad pain management, they have been taking advantage of the insurance company, keeping the pharmaceuticals happy, and keeping their six-figure income coming in, that's all they care about and the sad part is there's at least 90% of pain management like that in the United States. They do not care about me, my body, or my health, they try to keep you on a thin Red line, to where they say they're giving you an epidural shot and they're not! The chronic pains is back within two to three weeks and they double your pain meds by giving you Percocet and morphine! This is where they're manipulating your body by trying to make up for the shots wear off in 2 to 3 weeks then you're back in chronic pain again and the circle goes around and around and around! For 2 years my body has been ran down into such a bad hole that I'm now on a CPAP machine, this because of all the medications they given me! All five medicines they have me will make you drowsy or dizzy and you should not operate in a mechanical device! Also my testosterone has been run down to where I have to give myself an injection every week because of these medicines have robbed my testosterians level! I went over it with with that pain management doctor and I said to him, look I've had pain management for 17 years before I came to see you. Every epidural shot has lasted me 12 to 14 months where I had no chronic pain at all in my body and they have me on a 50 mg tramadol! What is going on here you have given me 12 shots in my both sides of my neck, and my lower back, all that was done last year alone?? You have double my pain medicines and now got me on Percocat and morphene and took away the 50 mg tramedol which is basically a high potency ibupropion aspirin! And I'm still in chronic pain, I can't sleep at night the pain comes down into my right arm and throbs all night long what is going on here??? I said to that pain management doctor maybe I need to go see a specialist he said we are the specialist, (LOL 🙃) In order to change you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired I am sick and tired of that pain management the buck stops here no more!!! I have not been in acupuncture for 3 years, so now I have gone back to acupuncture and after four visits one each week for the last month all the chronic pain has stopped!!!!! Also I have had the "cupping technique" that has detoxed in the proper way by this acupuncturist, and by the way there are good and bad acupuncturist! I went through three different acupuncturists before I found Dr Joe, at true acupuncture and wellness center! Dr Joe is incredible, after the first visit and examining where my body was, the pain that I was in and what I was describing to him he immediately laid out a strategy plan on how to get me turned around and back in a good direction! When I left after the first visit, I felt so much better I could tell something that changed and that was just one visit! I had no chronic pain for about a day and a half and then it started creeping back in, after the second visit I didn't have any chronic pain for about two and a half days! After the third visit I didn't have any chronic pain for four days and it started to creep back in after the fourth visit I was out of chronic pain for 6 days! That was one treatment each week for a month, now we're going to break it down to every two weeks for about a month, and then hopefully I can just start coming once a month! That's the goal and I'm feeling a whole lot better. I highly recommend "True Acupuncture and Wellness & Center with Dr Joe! God bless. -Michael T.

I would give this place 10 stars! First, I’ve been to all the other acupuncture places in the area and this one by far is the best. The office setting is great and professional and the staff are with it. Most importantly I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression for some time now and have gotten little relief from traditional methods of treatment. My primary issue is that I have this chronic neck tension and it extends into my head. I have constant tightness at the base of my skull and neck and it radiates to a vice like feeling around my head. This is one of the reasons I have anxiety and depression. I went to TAW and the process was so thorough. He quickly understood exactly what was going on and began a treatment plan that helped me immediately. Initially I went every 4 days and now I’m going every 7 and progressively getting better. I can’t tell you how bad off I was and how much better I feel. I can’t say enough about how effective this place is. -Mike S. ​ ​ Dr Joe is AWESOME! I had a horse riding accident & broke my neck years ago. I am surgically fused from C3-C7 & suffer chronic stiffness, soreness & limited range of motion. My goal is to continue ride & compete at the National level as long as humanly possible. My 1st neck treatment with Dr Joe increased my range of motion to the right by 50 degrees & significantly reduced my pain & stiffness. I can't wait to see how much improvement will be achieved after my entire treatment plan is completed. I wholeheartedly recommend that Dr Joe be given the opportunity to assist any of you with managing ongoing chronic issues...don't think you will regret it! -Nancy C.

I’ve had chronic tightness causing headaches. A lot of pain throughout one side of my body. Went to Dr. Joe’s the first time, and popped four times on the way home. I have more mobility and range of motion after 1 visit. Excited to go next week. I feel like I’m gonna be able to have some real progress and healing. -Shoshanna E. ​ Dr. Joe has changed my life...truly. I did not want to add ONE MORE medication, so I went to him for anxiety and menopausal symptoms. My sleep was all jacked up and I had various muscle strains/knots in my extremities. I noticed a difference after the first session, and now I feel more like myself than I have in years. He's patient and takes time to explain the 'why's, and so knowledgeable about Chinese medicine. Do yourself a favor, and let Dr. Joe transform your life too. -Laura W. ​ Absolutely would recommend Dr. Joe. Went to see him for lower back pain and plantar fasciitis and within 3 visits I was on the mend! Finally able to move my body without being in pain! -Darlynn L. ​ This was my first time to try acupuncture, and I was pleasantly surprised! No discomfort or pain. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep! I had a lot of tension and soreness in my upper shoulders and neck, and I felt relief by the end of the session. The office is very clean, and I felt well cared for. -Lindsey W.

Dr. Joe is the best acupuncturist that I have worked with (I have had several practitioners over the course of three different practices). I can have a relaxing experience anywhere but I came to Dr. Joe seeking relief, actual healing and comprehensive care. He is a very thorough care provider. He is honest about the level of care that I need for my issues. He continues to work with me to get my specific healing needs met and I NEVER feel like he's trying to sell me more products or services. Only what I need. On top of all that, he is kind. He is respectful. He is following all the recommended protocols for safety during the pandemic (which not all offices are following) which is very important to me. I am very thankful that I found Dr. Joe's practice and look forward to a long patient-provider relationship. -Micky J.

I have had chiropractic adjustments, cupping, and acupuncture treatments over the past few years due to a shoulder injury that has resulted in chronic pain. Although these treatments have been very effective at improving my pain, this chronic pain has continued & has affected my ability to work out consistently and impacted my everyday life at times. Coming to True Acupuncture & Wellness where some of these methods are combined (minus chiropractic adjustment) as well as a few other tailored treatments, I have been able to work out 5-6 times/week over the past 4.5 weeks with minimal shoulder discomfort. I highly recommend True Acupuncture & Wellness to anyone dealing with chronic pain! -Nicole M.

"I give Joe 5 stars for everything - skills, treatment plan, compassion, personality and kindness! Joe has been treating me for infertility and adrenal fatigue and since going to him I have noticed serious improvements. I had done acupuncture in the past and did not get results anywhere near as good as I have with Joe. He really truly cares about his patients and will sit down and listen to you and your symptoms to determine the best treatment possible. So, if you need help and want a practitioner who really wants to follow you on your health journey whilst to have top-notch acupuncture skills then Joe is the guy for you. I cannot recommend him or thank him enough for helping me." -Paula W. ​ I have been seeing Dr. Joe for over a year now for chronic pain. The customized treatments I receive have made it possible for me to work and enjoy life like never before. I have tried everything, including acupuncture and cupping in the past, but nothing has come close to the relief I’ve experienced working with Dr. Joe! I sleep better, perform in my career better, and I’ve even noticed being more present in my day today. I recommend everyone I can. Literally... everyone. -Lacy G.

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