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I have been in pain management since 2001 and I've been getting acupuncture for the same amount of time. There's good pain management and there's bad pain management, I had a good pain management for 18 years and then they retired.

I had to get a new pain management and unfortunately I got a bad pain management, they have been taking advantage of the insurance company, keeping the pharmaceuticals happy, and keeping their six-figure income coming in, that's all they care about and the sad part is there's at least 90% of pain management like that in the United States. They do not care about me, my body, or my health, they try to keep you on a thin Red line, to where they say they're giving you an epidural shot and they're not! The chronic pains is back within two to three weeks and they double your pain meds by giving you Percocet and morphine!


This is where they're manipulating your body by trying to make up for the shots wear off in 2 to 3 weeks then you're back in chronic pain again and the circle goes around and around and around! For 2 years my body has been ran down into such a bad hole that I'm now on a CPAP machine, this because of all the medications they given me! All five medicines they have me will make you drowsy or dizzy and you should not operate in a mechanical device! Also my testosterone has been run down to where I have to give myself an injection every week because of these medicines have robbed my testosterians level!


I went over it with with that pain management doctor and I said to him, look I've had pain management for 17 years before I came to see you. Every epidural shot has lasted me 12 to 14 months where I had no chronic pain at all in my body and they have me on a 50 mg tramadol! What is going on here you have given me 12 shots in my both sides of my neck, and my lower back, all that was done last year alone?? You have double my pain medicines and now got me on Percocat and morphene and took away the 50 mg tramedol which is basically a high potency ibupropion aspirin! And I'm still in chronic pain, I can't sleep at night the pain comes down into my right arm and throbs all night long what is going on here??? I said to that pain management doctor maybe I need to go see a specialist he said we are the specialist, (LOL 🙃) In order to change you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired I am sick and tired of that pain management the buck stops here no more!!!


I have not been in acupuncture for 3 years, so now I have gone back to acupuncture and after four visits one each week for the last month all the chronic pain has stopped!!!!! Also I have had the "cupping technique" that has detoxed in the proper way by this acupuncturist, and by the way there are good and bad acupuncturist!


I went through three different acupuncturists before I found Dr Joe, at true acupuncture and wellness center! Dr Joe is incredible, after the first visit and examining where my body was, the pain that I was in and what I was describing to him he immediately laid out a strategy plan on how to get me turned around and back in a good direction! When I left after the first visit, I felt so much better I could tell something that changed and that was just one visit! I had no chronic pain for about a day and a half and then it started creeping back in, after the second visit I didn't have any chronic pain for about two and a half days! After the third visit I didn't have any chronic pain for four days and it started to creep back in after the fourth visit I was out of chronic pain for 6 days! That was one treatment each week for a month, now we're going to break it down to every two weeks for about a month, and then hopefully I can just start coming once a month! That's the goal and I'm feeling a whole lot better.


I highly recommend "True Acupuncture and Wellness & Center with Dr Joe! God bless.  -Michael T.

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